Even though this has been A YEAR already, I’m still of the notion that we can carve a new path. That’s why I decided to move forward with doing my annual Mid-Year Review for my business.


I talk about this a lot (sorry if your sick of it) but just in case you’re new here (Welcome!) you should know I feel very strongly about the concept of treating your coaching business like a business.

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Most new coaches try to enter this industry and fail because they can’t seem to make the switch between expensive hobby and full-time business.

Businesses require strategy, planning, and action steps. You have to think like the CEO because now you are one.

This is why regularly reviewing your business for what’s working and what’s not is important.



I’ve already gone over exactly how I conduct regular business reviews so if you’d like to hear that content you can check it out here.

What I wanted to empasize today is the importance of making strategic decisions such as creating or deleting certain programs, products, or income streams.

To me, there are only three reasons to make decisions in your business:

  • Evolution – When you are moving to the next ideal state of your business. It’s the direction you’ve always wanted to go in.
  • Revolution – You are going against the grain in your coaching niche and creating your own ‘Blue Ocean’.
  • Adaption – You are adapting to a major shift in the economy. (i.e. Global Pandemic).

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When you have this mindset it prevents you from making decisions because you feel like ‘everyone else is doing it.’


Out of my mid-year review process, I had 3 major revelations:

  • The Female Coaches Community will now be called The Unconfined Lifestyle Community or ‘The Community’ for short. I felt that this aligned with my true purpose or ‘why’ for helping women create their dream coaching business.
  • Creating a Facebook Group, which I’ve been opposed to because I feel the focus becomes doing whatever to grow a group on a platform that you have no control over. So this group will be for Community Members only.
  • More courses about building your coaching business and ideal lifestyle.

My big word for the rest of 2020 is Alignment. I want to align with my vision of helping women start coaching businesses in order to create their Unconfined Lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a way to get extreme clarity in your life and business, you need to set aside at least one day at the end of every quarter to review your business. I promise you won’t regret it!


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