Raise your hand if you feel like you’re just copying what others are doing when it comes to marketing your online business but really don’t understand exactly what’s going on?
Consider this post your Marketing 101 Course: For Marketing Your Online Business. Don’t worry, we’re not getting into anything too overwhelming, and I promise at the end, you’ll finally be able to say, “oh I get it!” and feel ready to create your own marketing strategy that works for you!

The Buyer Journey

Everything in marketing starts with The Buyer Journey!
These are the stages (mentally, emotionally, heck sometimes even physically) that your buyer will go through before they are ready to make a purchase.
There are several models in the marketing theory world, but over the years, I’ve found Eugene Schwartz’s 5-Stages of Awareness to be the most accurate in particular when it comes to online business.
Here’s a brief breakdown:
  1. Unaware – Your buyer has no idea that they have a problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Problem Aware – Your buyer becomes aware of the problem, but has no idea how it should be solved.
  3. Solution Aware – Your buyer becomes aware of their ideal solution but has no idea of the right product to make the solution possible.
  4. Product Aware – Your buyer becomes aware of your product, but still has some questions and wants to make sure it provides their ideal solution.
  5. Most Aware – Your buyer feels comfortable with your product, is certain it’s perfect to help them get their ideal solution, and now needs to know the price.
Your goal is to move the right types of clients through the buyer journey quickly and efficiently, while turning them into repeat customers!
We do this by creating content!

Purpose of Content

What is content? Truly it includes any type of media you create in your business. That could be written, video, audio, and/or graphics and they can be used in various ways throughout your business (i.e. Blog Posts, Social Media Captions, Advertising, Sales Pages).
When strategically created, content can be a powerful tool in moving your client through their buyer journey and marketing your online business. It builds trust, answers questions, and helps to overcome objections.
But, where most new entrepreneurs go wrong is that they try to copy what other successful business owners are doing instead of creating their own content strategy geared towards their own target audience.
Remember, not all content is created equal! For example, a blog post explaining the importance of social media is better suited for an ideal client at Stage 1 – Problem Unaware, versus a Live Webinar that walks you through the exact strategy for creating a social media post that converts and then has a pitch at the end for your services. The latter is better suited for Stage 5 – Most Aware.

Lead Magnets

There’s one final component of creating a well-crafted marketing strategy and that’s Lead Magnets (aka Freebies). This particular type of content deserves its own category because it plays a very unique function.
A lead magnet is basically a free piece of content (see above definition) that’s created with the sole purpose of getting your ideal client’s email address. Once you get this, you can continue to keep in touch with them, notify them of more content, and make offers.
In the online business industry, we place a lot of importance on our email lists because unlike social media, our email followers belong to us!
Lead Magnets are best implemented at the beginning of the buyer journey usually problem unaware but occasionally problem aware.

Creating A Marketing Campaign

Now that you have the components that you’ll need, let’s consider putting everything together! This is called a Marketing Campaign.
A lot of people think that a marketing campaign needs to be this long drawn out journey that takes place over several months until you’re ready to do this big launch. While this is sometimes true, in many instances, you can create a simple marketing campaign with just a few pieces of strategic content sent via email over a few days!
Remember, this is why you need to know your ideal client because the buyer journey could be really quick!
Here’s an example using our Social Media Consultant:
  • Stage 1 (Unaware): Blog Post – “5 Mistakes You’re Making With Social Media”
  • Stage 2 (Problem Aware): Blog Post – “What To Do If Your Social Media Isn’t Growing”
  • Stage 3 (Solution Aware): Video Training – “How To Create A Social Media Strategy That Explodes Your Reach”
  • Stage 4 (Product Aware): Case Study – “How (Client Name) Grew Her IG Following By 300% In 90 Days”
  • Stage 5 (Most Aware): Offer Email – “Join Social to Sell”
There you have it, now you know what marketing really is, and how you can stop copying others and get out there and start creating content for your audience on your terms!
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