Want to know the one thing guaranteed to sabotage your business growth? Well look no further than your own mind and the limiting-beliefs that you’ve allow to fester for far too long. 

They crop up in the most riduclous ways and at the absolute worst times. But, instead of curling up in a bull under your desk, let’s make a plan to address them! 

Here are the top 3 limiting-beliefs that you need to sit down and have a chat with so you can free your mind and make some money. 


Limiting-Belief #1:  Money

Shifting our mindsets about money, is not just about charging more for our programs, products, and services.

We all have stories about money that have deeply affected how we interact with, ask for, and give money.

But, if you’re not careful, these stories can easily be the difference between a thriving coaching business and a struggle.

When you really put in the work to discover what your money blocks are and how to overcome them, being able to charge what you’re worth is just one happy affect.

You will feel confident investing in yourself and your business, you will gracefully decline to work with clients that doesn’t align with you.

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Limiting-Belief #2: Worthiness

Raise your hand if you ever felt like you weren’t worthy enough to be a coach because you aren’t living an ‘Instagram Influencer’ lifestyle?

Maybe you haven’t reached your goal weight. Or you aren’t making the coveted ‘Six-Figures’.

Or perhaps because you don’t have that coaching certification yet, you just don’t feel comfortable starting to advertise your business.

The, “Who Am I To…?” limiting-belief is one we all deal with in the beginning and is the root of a battle with Imposter Syndrome.

But at some point, you have to decide that your clients (and the world) need you. And that playing small will do no one any good.

Do you want to be looking back 6 months from now wishing you’d started 6 months ago?

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Limiting-Belief #3: Failure

Prepare yourself for a lot of failure in this industry. There I said it.

Here’s a few ways you may fail in the online industry:

Failed program launches, ad campaigns, client reviews, social media posts, need I go on?

But here’s the deal. Unlike with your full-time job, your ability to bounce back is 100% dictated by you!

You won’t have bosses to answer to and co-workers to compete with. You’ll just say, okay that didn’t work, let me try something else.

Trust me, I’ve yet to experience a failure in my business that wasn’t completely necessary for my growth as a business owner.

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