I’ve seen a lot of people moving from a DBA to a personal brand name over the past few weeks and it’s always the same reasoning. I know choosing your business name is something many entrepreneurs struggle with, so I wanted to share my journey and some tips for helping you make (what feels like) the biggest decision ever.
Before I jump in, let me just remind you that typically registering as a DBA costs the same or a little more as registering your personal name. So don’t let that be the deciding factor in your decision.

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My Journey (Case for Personal Name)

When I first started my coaching business it was all under the name thebrassyboss.co. That was for close to two years. Then I decided to transition to my personal name my reasons why are very similar to a lot of my peers who have made the same choice:
  • Ready to step into my truth. When I thought about my Future Bio, I envisioned myself as the top tier of my brand and my products as the second. I AM my brand.
  • Felt more empowering (like I was overcoming imposter syndrome).
  • Felt more professional (I didn’t have to explain my business and could focus more on my message).
  • Easier to transition your brand from DBA to Your Name.

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Case for DBA

While I ultimately feel I made the best decision for my business and brand, but I can definetly see the case for choosing a DBA:
  • Easier to be seen as a trusted advisor on Social Media – People tend to associate DBA with being more of a tangible resource or asset so you don’t have to prove yourself as much (knowledge and skills) in the beginning.
  • Operate from the shadows – I think it’s easier to step out more instead of feeling the pressure to take on everything in your business because it’s your name.

3 Questions To Consider

If you’re really stuck on this and feel unable to move forward here’s some questions to ask yourself:
  • How Do You Want To be Known? (i.e. by product/business name or by yourself)
  • What is your true motivation? (i.e. suffering from imposter syndrome)
  • Do you feel inspired to take action? (i.e. motivated to live up to it)


What if you choose the wrong business name?

So maybe you decide one or the other and a year into your business journey you decide you need a change? First of all, it’s totally okay. This is your business and your life, you have to feel comfortable with your journey. That being said, here’s some things to consider if you’re thinking of changing your business name:
  • Make sure your name (if DBA) is available as a domain! – In fact, if you still can’t make a decision, go ahead an buy the domain name for both so you have it down the line.
  • The transition can take some time – You’re not just switching website names okay. Your whole brand is changing.
  • Social Media Rules – Particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn if you have a business page. You have to first announce to your audience before making the change and leave proof on you page that you’ve done so.

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