Who doesn’t love a good vision board? And ’tis the season right? But before you run out to grab all those magazines and glue, this year, consider the benefits of having a digital vision board instead!

I’ve used one for the past year it has been wonderful for a few reasons. Check them out below if you still need convincing and then I’ve got a quick video tutorial and template to get you started.

3 Reasons You Need A Digital Vision Board



Stop wasting money purchasing magazines or printer ink, glue, glitter, and all that jazz. All you need is a canva account. Something I suggest every online entrepreneur have anyway!

If you have the Canva Pro Account ($12.95/mo) you’ll have access to thousands of images. But you can also just sift throug the internet and use Right Click > Save As to download a copy.

This is legal as long as you are not using the images for commercial use (i.e. re-selling them for profit) or posing as if the images are yours.

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I’ve found that paper vision boards can be limiting.   If you don’t have the tools or resources to print your images you are stuck with what’s available to you in magazines.

So you have to find or create your visual reprenstations if there’s not an exact image available.

With a digital vision board, you can get the exact images you want to represent your future hopes and dreams and change them out if you need to.

For example, sometimes I realize that the vision I have is a projection of someone else’s ideal life. When that happens I can easily go back and re-evaluate my vision board and make a quick change.


Because I upload this vision board to my ClickUp Docs I always have it with me (across all devices).

It’s come in handy on my most stressful days when I’m away from home and need a reminder of why I’m choosing to do what I do.

Don’t lie, you know you have those days as well!

Wouldn’t it be handy for you to be able to whip out your phone and do a quick meditation on your ideal lifestyle?

If all this sounds great, check out the video below and download this FREE Template to get started!



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