Ever feel like you suck at the whole content creation part of your business?

Maybe you look on Instagram and it seems like everyone has the perfect feed and seems to know exactly what to say?

Or you open your inbox and that newsletter is so compelling it definitely made you want to click, and your like, “I wish I could write something that good”?

Don’t worry, this is actually really common.

 In fact, 65% of marketers surveyed said they found it hard to produce engaging content.

The reality is most people are not innately good content creation.  





Learn to fall in love with reading and writing, because both of these skills are needed for content creation.

You need to be able to take your audience on a journey and then link your story back to your content and call-to-action

U’ll use storytelling in: Your weekly email newsletter, Social Media Captions, and Sales Page Copy.

Want to tell better stories:

  • Keep up on the latest and get daily inspiration by downloading an RSS Reader App like Feedly.
  • Create and use templates to organize your writing process.
  • Learn how to connect the ‘lessons learned’ to your call-to-action.


Have you ever looked at an Instagram feed and thought, ‘That is so pretty, I wish my Instagram looked like that?’

Well, chances are the user put a lot of time into curating their Instagram feed.

Curating simply means organizing and once you tap into this skill you’ll do it without even noticing.

To start curating try:

  • Organizing your images by type (what you’ll post about) and color (your brand colors).
  • Use a content scheduler and planner like Planoly to visually organize your images so they make sense.

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Obviously closely related to curating but deserves it’s own category.

Whether it’s Instagram Graphics, Lead Magnets, or Branding and Website there are a lot of things that you have to design for your business.

To start designing better content you should:

  • Learn basic graphic design principles (visual hierarchy, repetition, etc.)
  • Master tools like Canva or Adobe Spark.  


*** This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission should you purchase any products. 

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