PSA: This is a tough-love post if your coaching business is failing. Meaning, I’m getting tough because I love you and I know you are capable of becoming wildly successful. If you’d only get out of your own way first!!!

I’ve been doing this a while now my friend, plus, my first coaching business failed (like big-time). So I’ve gotten pretty good at reading the writings on the wall when it comes to female entrepreneurs who are on a collision course in their business.

And basically what I’ve found is that it really all boils down to these three (3) reasons (and none of them have to do with followers or funnels per se).


You’re Not Actually Selling

Posting an image on social media and adding #lifecoachforwomen is not selling.  On the other hand, adding a well-thought out storytelling caption that connects to what you do and then has a clear call to action is selling.

New coaches often get this mixed up because they get too focused on having a pretty feed. And less focused on connecting that feed to sales.

Or, they have a really poor mindset about sales in general and are afraid to promote themselves because they don’t want to seem ‘too salesy’.

This infuriates me because it seems to be a female-dominated problem. Statistically, men do not have as much of a problem with self-promotion as women do. But, I can tell you the number one way to actually start making money in your business is to learn how to sell unapologetically.

Because if you don’t sell, you don’t make money. The End.

You’re Lacking Self-Confidence

A lot of the problem with not wanting to self-promote has to do with confidence. It starts when we’re young and unfortunately, social media has only made it worse as we’ve grown.

And double-unfortunately (I know that’s not a word), it’s not just sales mindset that is affected. Think about how many times you’ve not finished a product or service because you’ve silently thought, “No one will buy or I’m not as good as (whatever fancy Influencer you idolize) is.”

Meanwhile, your target audience who’s feeling disillusioned by said fancy influencer are waiting for someone like you to show up and take their hand in order to guide them to their ideal solution. Even if that solution doesn’t have the right slides or fancy video production.

It’s time to face your self-confidence issues by choosing to surpass your limits every day.

Confidence is gained by choosing to take inspired action every day. Even if it means you might fail.

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You’re A Drama Queen

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said, “I need to get organized!!” but then spent months still shuffling around papers in your many many notebooks you’ve purchased at target?

Yeah, this is a common problem with first-time female business owners. And surprisingly, it reminds me of a movie I saw several years ago: He’s Just Not That Into You.

One of the main characters (Ginnifer Goodwin) cannot understand why she can’t get a man. And finally, a guy straight up tells her, “You’re a drama queen.” He then goes on to prove how he predicted that, including things like her not paying her bills on time because she secretly likes the thrill of being late.

Now, I’m not 100% on board with this movie because frankly it’s a lil’ misogynistic. But… on this one point, it’s game-set-match. And this is true for many female entrepreneurs who are struggling to make money!!

Consider if some small part of you likes the frenetic chaos caused by being disorganized, not having systems in place, constantly letting your fears stop you, refusing to problem-solve, refusing to invest in your education, and having a feast or famine income stream.

I mean, you’re an adult right? If you didn’t sub-consciouly like it in some way, you would take the necessary steps to overcome your demons. Think about it.

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Need An Escape Route?

Listen, I get it. I have repeatedly dealt with all of these issues on my way to building a successful business and I know how hard it can be to get out of your own way.

That’s why I’ve created The Focused Femmepreneur for women who recognize that they are on a collision course and need an exit strategy. So be sure to join me over there if this is you!

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