Still on the fence about whether or not a coaching business is right for you? Here’s a few reasons why coaching is the best online business idea.

I transitioned into coaching after I realized that my service-based web design business was so limited and didn’t fulfill me enough.

Over the past few years that I’ve been dedicated to my coaching business full-time I’ve come to appreciate all the benefits (financially and otherwise) that it’s granted me.


Start-Up Costs

Easily the first question I get from people who are considering starting an online business, “Is it expensive?”

I think when people hear ‘online business’ their minds automatically start thinking of e-commerce. Since to many it seems like the only “legitimate” way to make money online.

But this is wrong! The internet has allowed for so many occupations to be virtual, and to do it for next to nothing.

I started my business for less than $1,000 and that included my ICF-Certified Coaching Certification.

And I run my entire business online for less than $200/mo –YES, this includes Facebook and Pinterest Advertising costs (should I choose to run ads).


I don’t want to go too far and say that coaching is 100% recession proof. But it can be pretty darn close if you have the foresight to structure it correctly from the beginning. 

Unfortunately, this tough lesson is being learned right now by a lot of coaches who have traditionally only offered Private Coaching in a brick-and-mortar office. 


That being said, if you operate your business all virtually and open yourself up to various types of coaching formats, you will find that no matter what the economic circumstances are, you can always make money. 


The industry has changed so much since the early 80s allowing you have flexibility in almost every part of your business. 



Does the idea of having crappy clients who take advantage of your niceness and time make you feel a little sick? 


Then you’re in luck. Now everyone needs to set boundaries with human-beings in general, but the good news is, in coaching you set those boundaries from the beginning for the relationship. 


It’s called establishing the agreement and you usually do this at the beginning of every coaching session, just to be clear of what the client’s ultimate goal is from the session. 


But if you listened to Episode #12 of The Unconfined Lifestyle Podcast, I’m laying out the importance of Marketing. When it comes to this industry, marketing can make or break the type of clients that come your way. But of course, you’re in complete control of this as well. 


Income Potential

Of course after flexibility and aligning with the right types of clients you’re now able to maximize your income potential. 


There’s so many different ways that you can make income as a coach. Private coaching, group coaching, courses, membership sites, digital downloads, masterclasses, audio files, templates. 

You name it, as a coach, if you create things that can help people get outcomes there is a potential for income. 


The best part is some people think (or rather it’s become a thing in the past few years) that you have to  charge premium prices in order to make good money as a coach. 


But the truth is, you need to understand your ideal client and then combine that with what you really feel passionate about creating otherwise, regardless of the cost, you won’t be able to sell it. 



Raise your hand if you’ve been dreaming of finding a way to make money and live anywhere in the world? Me! 


That’s actually been my number one reason for starting an online business. I’m a true sagittarius so I have a  real travel bug, but I also tend towards comfortable (not luxurious–but comfortable) as well. 


Being in more control of my income is important because I’m just not the hostel type #sorrynotsorry. 


I also just want to grab my laptop and camera and go. All of my meetings are conducted virtually so as long as I have good internet connection and headphones if necessary, I’m good to go. It’s a true laptop lifestyle. 



Last (but certainly not least), coaching is the only business where I truly feel like I’m making a difference. 


This is essential and so important to me. In fact it’s so important that if I’m working in a job where I’m not making a positive impact, I can’t function. I’ll always find a way to self-sabotage. 


Nothing makes me happier than my clients getting a win. And every small win feels like I’m making a positive impact for all women.

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