Raise your hand if you have a love – hate relationship with social media? Yep, been there! While I love social media for how it can help me with visibility for my business, I hate it because of the anxiety it causes.
That’s why I decided to take a break earlier this year and really examine what was and wasn’t working for me when it came to social media. In the end, I came up with these simple rules to follow and since implementing, I’ve seen a huge increase in both my following and engagement.
But more importantly, I’ve seen a huge decrease in my stress-level! Essentially, I’ve found the balance I was searching for.

5 Rules For Social Media Growth

Be Prepared

One of the best tips I ever received when it comes to Instagram was that just because it has ‘Insta’ in the title, doesn’t mean you have to always be snapping photos and trying to create a perfect lifestyle.
More than anything, this is about brand awareness. So behind-the-scenes and lifestyle brand photos are perfect! And they don’t need to be in-the-moment.
  • Plan out your photoshoots in advance, quarterly or bi-annually.
  • Create a ‘shot-list’ of must have setups (i.e. you working on your laptop at a cafe) so your shoot goes smoothly.
  • Get your favorite photographer on a quarterly retainer. This helps you cut down on costs and have consistency.
  • Be sure to get enough photos that you can re-use or spread out over several weeks (i.e. If you plan to have one brand image a week, you need 12 for a quarter).

Be Inspired

Everyone has creativity in them. Even if it’s just drawing stick figures. Like everything in life, of course, some people are going to be better at some things than others. AND THAT’S OKAY!
I’m still in awe of photographers like my sister who can capture things I’d never see. But from her perspective, she hates writing and wishes she could write captions the way I do.
We all have things we need to work on, and we can be inspired by each other and learn to lean on each other when we need a creative boost.
  • Create an inspiration board of images you’d like to try and re-create (but add your own flavor to).
  • Create a swipe file of inspiring caption ideas or opinions you may have for stories or reels.
  • Invest in courses or education to beef up skills you feel apprehensive about!

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Be Social

Remember when social media was all about being social? I know right, seems so long ago.
In an age where everyone seems all about themselves, Instagram decided to put the kabash on that by only showing your content to people you regularly engage with in your feed. That’s why you can be following thousands of people and still only see content from the same 20 accounts every day.
This if forcing you to stop being overly reliant on hashtags for your content to be seen and instead learn to build authentic social relationships.
  • Find new accounts daily to engage with and actually engage with them first! (like, comment, follow).
  • Send a welcome and thank you message first before you start pitching yourself.
  • Go through your feed daily and engage with your current followers and stop only focusing on getting new followers.

Be Visible

I started to write that this rule as optional only because I know there are a lot of accounts out there that flourish when they only post quote graphics.
That being said, nothing grates my cheese more than to see coaches, consultants, and service-based business owners saying they need more visibility, but refusing to get visible.
I know, I know. Putting yourself out there is scary. But it is a necessity if you want to attract actual people who will buy from you!
  • Use stories to offer mini-coaching sessions that build trust and inspire.
  • See Tip #1 for getting at least one brand photo a week.
  • Try to find a balance between video (i.e. Stories, IGTV, and Reels) so you can increase your reach!

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Be Opinionated

Marketing is about attracting the right types of people and repelling the wrong types of people. Nothing does that more than having an opinion. Even if it’s an unpopular opinion.
Consider this: If the market is ‘over-saturated’ and everyone is still doing the same thing, then how are so many people still making good money with their online business? Simple, they differentiate themselves based on their unique perspective on their market, and by sharing this, they attract those that agree with them.
Have an opinion. Share it. Marketing is just that simple.
  • Take some time to write down all the things that get you fired up (good or bad) about your niche.
  • Think of the issues you had when you were in your target audiences’ shoes.
  • Every week share a piece of content that highlights your opinion in order to set yourself apart as a thought-leader in your industry.
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