I get it, most of the time when you click on an article for how to make money online it’s a bunch of bogus information like “become a survey taker” (no hate to anyone who does this). But if you really want to start your own business, you need to a bit more information and some real actionable online business ideas. So I’ve put together my top four (4) online business ideas for 2021.


The 2020 pandemic has changed a lot of things for many small businesses, forcing most to make the unfortunate decision to cutback on overhead. Departments and positions are usually consolidated or elimated during this time. But, the jobs still need to be done. In these times, businesses will start reaching out to 3rd-Party Freelancers because the cost if lower than full-time staff.
If you have knowledge in any of these positions, now is a good time start that business:
  • Writing, Blogging, Copywriting, Editing
  • Information Technology, Web Design, Development
  • Social Media, Content Creation, Advertising


When the s*** hits the fan, of course the first question people have after the shock is, “Now What?” This is where coaches step in. Coaches help people find clarity around areas of their life and empower them to take action or make changes. Unlike Freelancing or Consulting you are not doing the work for them. Instead, you are helping them figure out how to overcome the blocks that prevent them for going after what they want.
I predict that the most in-demand coaching niches for 2021 and beyond will be:
  • Life/Purpose Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
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Digital Products

Maybe you really want to start a business but you’re super introverted and can’t see yourself working in a 1:1 environment with clients. Not to worry! You can still move forward with you plans, especially if you are creative. Your best bet is going to be starting your own e-commerce store and selling done-for-you digital products.
I personally love buying digital products as a solopreneur because they make my life so much easier! This is definitely a needed industry in online business. Here are some popular types of digital products you can consider:
  • Website Templates
  • Social Media Templates
  • Lightroom Presets

Affiliate Marketing

Easily the most under the radar types of income streams. This is one of the rare types of business models that I am willing to classify as passive income. As it does remind of purchasing stock, the longer you leave your investment out there, the more chances you have to see it multiply. Affiliate marketing is a simple process: you write reviews (or create content) for your favorite products.
It’s not a new concept, but with the rise of influencers in social media (particularly the YouTube beauty industry) it has exploded in the past several years. Companies have turned more towards this type of marketing because it’s more cost-effective than advertising.
And the best news is that you don’t have to have huge following in order to make a decent income. I’ve known plenty of people who are just starting out that are making an extra $1,000 a month with less than 1,000 followers because of their close affiliation with some of their favorite products.
Here are some suggestions for products that you might consider:
  • Resources and Tools you use in your business.
  • Beauty or cleaning products you supports and regularly use.
  • Amazon products you swear by!
There you have it, now you should have no excuse as to why you are not getting moving on starting your business! Be sure to access the Resource Library for more tools to help you grow!
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